About This Gig

Have you ever left a meeting and been stuck with the task of putting together meeting notes based on a recording? Well, with this gig, I can help you Get a high-quality TRANSCRIPTION for your audio/ video files. 


My name is Britney and I am a fantastic transcriber. With 2 years of experience in English transcription, I’m very enthusiastic about undertaking transcription projects.


Select a package that best suits your needs and I will accurately do transcripts for all of your recordings.


Here is a list that I transcribe often:



  • Church Sermon
  • Podcast
  • Lecture & Tutorial Class
  • Meetings & Conferences 
  • You tube Videos
  • Interviews


I will ensure that an audio proof of your document and Google search for names, acronyms, terminologies, corporate jargon. I will also ensure every transcription goes through the following key processes:


  • Typing, and Punctuation
  • Structuring, and Editing
  • Proofreading, and Quality Checks
  • Timestamps of unclear spoken word or a phrase in the format [inaudible: mm:ss] e.g [inaudible: 10:28]
  • Easy short paragraph to read
  • Clean verbatim (no shutters um, uh, etc.)




Please message me prior to ordering for big projects.