Hi loves! I’m not a counselor nor life coach so I will not present myself as such. However I am somebody with experience in having depression and having to deal with it alone. You might not be facing depression but just need a friend who’s willing to listen and has an open mind. I am far from judgemental as I have had my fair share of F-ups in my life, BELIEVE ME. I have made quite a few mistakes in my life and I wish there was somebody I could vent to that would understand me or my situation without labeling me as stupid or dumb. Somebody that would just shut up and listen but won’t make me feel as if I’m talking to myself or a wall.

Experience teaches wisdom so I’m here to give you the help I never got but wish I had. 

My promises to you: 

I will listen and not just hear you

I won’t dehumanize you

I wont judge you 

I will be straight-forward but respectful

I will provide follow-ups to see how you’re doing (not sure uf that’s something i can do here but will update you). 

I will not present myself as perfect or a know-it-all. 

I will ensure that this is a safe space for you

I promise confidentiality  

So if I am that virtual shoulder (big fren) that you need then I’ll be here. Have the best day/evening.